Now with up to EIGHT zones, giving instant control of time, temperature and CO2 levels

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Out-of-the-box, 4 or 8* zone Natural Ventilation Control System for Building Management Control Systems

Greater Control

The iCon Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables easy management of up to eight zones, giving instant control of time, temperature and CO2 levels. 

The iCon GUI is password protected and the 4 chrome navigation buttons along with the clear OLED screen gives the designated building manager greater control of the desired environmental conditions for each individual room or zone.

i-Con System Controller GUI

iCon GUI zone programmer

The iCon GUI is easy to operate with a clear on-screen display for setting instructions and is connected to the iCon System Controller.

  •   OLED graphical GUI screen
  •   Simple up/down, enter/back, ‘scroll through’ menu offering instant control and optimum settings for each room/zone.  
  •   Temperature/C02 adjustment for each room/zone
  •   2 level security pass code
  •   Can be located in a ‘safe area’ away from controlled room/zones

Easier Installation

The iCon NV Room Sensors are designed for use with the C2 iCon Main System Controller providing manual override louvre control – open, close and auto,
with CO2 level traffic light indicators.

The iCon NV Room Sensors are easy to install with simple, two wire non-polarity wiring, fitting straight into a standard UK single switch box.

i-Con System Controller Sensors

iCon NV Room Sensor

The iCon NV Room Sensor easy to install, easy to control.
Up to eight Sensors can be controlled by the iCon GUI and iCon System Controller

  • C02 level traffic-light indicator lights
  • Simple override buttons for instant control of Open, Close and Auto.
  • Reverts to Auto setting after a pre-set time
  • Less wiring – easy 2 wire connection – polarity free
  • Up to 8 iCon NV Room Sensors controlled by a single iCon GUI and the iCon System Controller
  • Fits UK standard KO switch box   
  • Smart modern design, in anthracite grey and chrome buttons   
  • OLED graphical user interface   
  • Orchestrated control algorithms
  • State-of-the-art C02  active sensing element with auto calibration   
  • Option also available without the OLED GUI screen as a BACnet MSTP controller, which gives the ability to program the I/O to your own scheme    

FREE training for installation and commissioning is available at our training facilities in Worcestershire.

i-Con System Controller

iCon Main System Controller

The iCon NV Room Sensor – up to 8 per iCon GUI zone programmer, available with the fully pre-programmed iCon Main System Controller. 

The out-of-the-box, 8 zone natural ventilation control system, looks great in any room, easy to install and offers greater control. 

Available now with FREE full installation and commissioning training.

Main system controller available as a BACnet MSTP device.

Designed by Control Engineers for Control Engineers. 

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*depending upon scheme.