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             Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi HVAC Product Series
Choose wired (star or daisy-chain topologies), Wi-Fi (access point, client, hotspot and mesh) or combine both on a same controller, to suit your building’s IT infrastructure, architecture and layout
Minimize installation and ownership costs
As part of your integrated building management system, or as a stand-alone solution for small building and equipment control with ENVYSION
HVAC Controllers
Vast array of leading technology BACnet and LONWORKS controllers, based on a robust common hardware platform
Cost effectively address the demands of even the most complex projects
Exceptional flexibility delivered by its set of state-of-the-art features
Models with live graphics color display, for up to 20% savings in commissioning time
Smart Room Control
A unified, synergetic solution for HVAC, lighting, and shades/sunblind control
Achieve demonstrated energy savings in excess of 30% on HVAC and up to 60% on lighting
Simplifies design, installation and integration of multi-application systems
Deliver optimal energy savings using occupancy-based control strategies, daylight harvesting based on light level sensing and natural light optimization
EC-NetAX Security
A complete access control, video surveillance and smoke control solution, providing you with state-of-the-art security and privacy features
Easily configured and managed
Can be integrated into your building management system, IT, and enterprise applications
Quickly access video playback and remotely view activity.

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