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 Room Devices
Designed to satisfy interior designers, architects, building occupants, and consulting engineers alike
Easily adjust comfort settings in any environment Enhance occupant experience
Give buildings the right finishing touches
Open-to-WirelessTM Solution*
Wireless battery-less sensor solution
Increases flexibility and adaptability in any environment
Up to 15% cost savings in new constructions and 70% in retrofits
Preserve building envelope and architectural integrity, thereby increasing energy efficiency by up to 15%
Mobile Apps
A free mobile app that allows occupants to view or set comfort parameters at all times from a mobile device
Deliver a unique and intuitive interface for building occupants
Increase employee productivity by up to 9% by providing them with control over their environmental settings
Field Devices
Quality and performance proven products complementing your building automation requirements, for a complete cost effective solution.
                                * Subject to availability

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