Major changes for School Science Labs and Classroom air quality – does your school meet the new regulations?

BB101 sets higher standards for air quality and thermal comfort and Clarkson Controls can help you achieve the new targets when new standards are published this year.

The revision of BB101 Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools is the first since 2006 and sets more stringent air-quality targets, it’s tougher on summertime overheating and requires pre-mixing of incoming air.

CO2 Traffic Light System

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are now only allowed to exceed daily average thresholds for 20 consecutive minutes, so ventilation systems need to work throughout the occupied period. The Clarkson Controls designed i-Con NV Room Sensor is an out-of-the-box solution with a 4 zone natural ventilation control system, it looks great in any classroom, is easy to install and offers greater control. It’s available now with FREE full installation and commissioning training.

The Clarkson Controls designed i-Con Room Sensors are designed with CO2 level traffic light indicators.
Fitted with an ‘alarm’ sounder to meet new science laboratory regulations. All settings are fully adjustable, and easily set to meet new BB101 regulations with override push buttons for immediate adjustment.

Clarkson Controls can help existing or new schools comply with the new BB101 regulations!  We have over 15 years experience of designing and installing school/education natural ventilation control systems. If you would like more information please call 01562 730 874 or email:

The i-Con Room Sensor at a glance:

• C02 level traffic-light indicator lights
• Alarm function – meets new school science lab regulations
• Simple override buttons for instant control of Open, Close and Auto.
• Reverts to Auto setting after a pre-set time
• Less wiring – easy 2 wire connection – polarity free
• Up to 4 i–Con NV Room Sensors controlled by a single i–Con GUI
and the i–Con System Controller
• Fits standard UK switch box
• Smart modern design, in anthracite grey and chrome buttons
• State-of-the-art C02 active sensing element with auto calibration.