NEW – NV8 Natural Ventilation Controls Package – As easy as ABC


Clarkson Controls have developed the NV8 Natural Ventilation Controls package based on the CentraLine AX controller platform.
The NV8 will be sold under the C Squared brand name along with other BMS and Natural Ventilation peripherals.

As easy as ABC – Please see our live demo:-
Username = Visitor
Password = Site123

A – ONE Control Panel
B – ONE Pair of Cables
C – ONE Combined Room Unit#
D – ONE Power Supply#
E – ONE Set of Louvres/Windows#
F – ONE Modular Wiring Install
G – ONE Web Browser
H – ONE Web Browser Page for Settings
I – ONE Web Browser Page for Time Programs
J – ONE Onboard Proven and Tested Software Package
K – ONE Open Source BACnet Communications Protocol
L – ONE BACnet over IP output
M – EIGHT Zones

#Per Zone

Please contact us for more detailed information on your application and pricing for the NV8