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We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of BACnet intelligent building control systems. We are able to offer total turnkey control packages to architects, consulting engineers, developers, specifiers and mechanical engineers.

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Building Management System Design

We have over 35 years experience of designing complete building management systems for controlling the environment within all types of buildings. Our systems can control temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and humidity creating the perfect environment. Our systems manage the distribution of air throughout the building, (for example by operating fans or opening/closing dampers) with local room controls to achieve the desired room temperature. Our systems can also monitor the level of human-generated CO2, mixing outside air with exhaust air to increase the amount of fresh air while minimising heat/cooling losses.

Control Panels

We design and manufacture all of our control panels in-house, using the latest Autocad software. The control panels are built to our specification, and conform to IP2X standards as a minimum.

Electrical Installation

To complement our control panels we have a team of electrical installers, fully conversant with controls installation. We are a member of the ECA and are able to offer a performance bond.

Client Demonstration

Once installed, we attend site to ensure all is in working order and the plant responds correctly. As C.I.B.S.E Members, we ensure commissioning is carried out to their codes of practice.

HVAC Original Equipment Manufacturer Solutions

Our experienced designers have over 35 years of design and manufacturing experience in the production of building management control systems and peripheral devices.

Our expert knowledge and skills mean we can design and produce a solution that will meet your specific needs, whatever the requirement.
Our manufacturing facilities allow us to supply bespoke products, branded and packaged to fulfil your company needs.

We are able to design bespoke Original Equipment Control Solutions for any mechanical HVAC product.

We specialise in local room control units and can configure our standard devices to suit your requirements, at a realistic development cost.
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