Sensio – Intelligent BACnet MS/TP – Multi Function Sensor

  • 4 x 0~10V configurable Analog outputs (30mA each)
  • 1 x 10K3A1 Temp Input
  • 2 x 0~10V Analog Inputs
  • 1 x Digital Input (VFC)
  • Onboard > Temp, CO2, CO2 Indication, User Override Status
  • RH% (optional)
  • 18~48V AC or DC supply voltage range
  • Magnetically Isolated MS/TP Comms
  • The unit consists of an ‘open’ and ‘close’ push button feature, and LED lights to display the selected mode with CO2 Level indication.
  • Anti-microbialTM touch membrane – Aid eliminating bacteria
  • Non dispersive infrared sensing technology
  • High Co2 Audible Chirp Warning (Selectable)
  • Wall mounted
  • Suitable for fan coil, zone control applications and natural ventilation control
  • Purpose designed and manufactured in the UK, Unique space saving surface mounted design with pre-wireable base and plug-on fascia plate assists in easy installation
  • Back box with BESA fixing holes designed to be fitted and wired prior to decoration
  • Designed with unique ventilation slots – increase air flow and sensing accuracy
  • Made from recycled white ABS material
  • Dimensions 90 x 110 x 36mm
  • Auto Reset Feature
  • After the user has overridden the unit open / closed it reverts back to the Auto mode after a period of time. This can be set between 30Min ~ 3Hrs in 30min increments. By holding down both open & close buttons for 5 secs and pressing the up button. Each lamp ON is 30mins override. Once the desired override time is selected – Wait 20 Secs and the new override time will store in the unit
  • Gas detected Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • CO2 measuring range 0 ~ 2,000ppm
  • CO2 measuring accuracy +/- 30ppm or 5%
  • CO2 Indicator Levels
    • Green = Low ≤999ppm,
    • Green & Amber = Med 1000 – 1499ppm
    • Amber = Med High 1500 – 1799,
    • Red = High ≥1800ppm
  • Sensing element – Non dispersive infrared detector
  • Temperature measuring range – 0 ~ 500C
  • Temperature accuracy – 1% at 250C

Removing and fitting front face

Sensio - Removing front face

Removing front face

Sensio - Fitting front face

Fitting front face

BACnet Device Address Settings

Sensio BACnet device address settings

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