Energy efficient control and operation

Buildings account for over 40% of the world’s energy consumption. There is growing pressure to reduce consumption due to legislation, such as the new CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) energy efficiency scheme, concerns about energy supply and security, rising energy costs and greater awareness of green issues and the need to reduce energy usage amongst companies and their employees.

We offer practical solutions to allow building owners to track and display their actual energy usage. Siemens DESIGO Building Management system can then be used to ensure demand dependant control of all HVAC and lighting systems to ensure energy efficient and productive working environments.

Proven energy savings

Siemens Performance ClassesThe BS EN15232 standard divides building automation systems in four efficiency classes from A to D. The Desigo Building Energy Management Systems has tested functions that conform to the highest standards.

Energy efficiency class A, for example, states that energy savings in office spaces can reach up to 30% in relation to the standard class C.

Our energy calculation tool can be used to verify the potential savings that can be achieved.

Integrated building energy management control

Siemens product portfolio allows integration and control of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as low voltage, power distribution, lighting systems and more. This integrated approach to control allows the energy saving to be maximised while still providing total comfort to the building occupants. We utilise standard protocols including BACnet and KNX to ensure easy integration of the different disciplines within
the buildings.

This integrated approach centred around demand based control ensures that energy savings are achieved throughout the lifecycle of the building.


Monitoring and management solutions to increase energy savings

Having good quality data about actual energy consumption is key to achieving an energy efficient building. Siemens a range of offerings to allow building owners/occupiers to monitor and display their actual energy usage, and compare this to required values. This demonstrates their environmental commitment and motivates their occupants to act in an energy saving manner.

Siemens Monitoring

Energy efficient display

Allows easy calculation and display of total building energy consumption. This can then be used to classify the building according to EN15217 on the basis of the collected data.

Siemens Energy Efficient Display

Desigo Energy Reports

Desigo Energy Reports presents energy related data from a Desigo Building Energy Management system in a number of useful formats including graphs, tables and lists. This data can be collected from field devices such as heat and energy meters.

The data can be displayed in a format that is easy for the user to understand and can help to analyse usage and plan energy improvement measures.

The program provides report templates to efficiently generate the following energy reports.

  • Energy consumption report
  • Energy costs report
  • Weighted consumption report
  • Adjusted heating degree days report
  • Energy efficiency report
  • CO2 emission report.

Reports can be automatically generated if required to ensure that users have the up to date information when they need, for example on the first day of a month.

Siemens Green Building Monitor