UV-C light and Covid 19 Pandemic

UV-C light and Covid 19 Pandemic

Clarkson Controls are taking extra steps to keep our offices safe during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

We have introduced a new UV-C light system which together with chemical deep-cleaning procedures and social distancing methods gives us as much protection as possible.

UV- C Light is effective at maintaining a level of disinfection that regular chemical cleaning cannot achieve alone.

Typically, fifteen minutes of exposure is all it takes in a small to medium space to work. UV-C radiation is invisible to the human eye in the wavelength between 200 – 280 nano-meters (nm), with a wavelength of 270nm found to be particularly effective against virus’s and bacteria, as it breaks down the DNA of micro-organisms and makes them harmless. However, the light at this wavelength and resultant ozone is also harmful to people and pets and should not operate when offices are in use (blue UV light is added to the spectrum of light so you know when it is on). We operate our UV-C cleansing during the night on a timed circuit, so the system is completely safe and offers our visitors, clients and employees a safe and clean environment the next day.

Keep alert and Stay safe with Clarkson Controls.