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Reduce COlevels

The atmosphere on our planet shows the highest CO2 concentration for over 350,000 years, more efficient Thermokon technology will help combat these increasing levels and help protect our planet.Wireless Sensor Technology from Thermokon

Wireless Sensor Technology

For high energy efficiency in buildings, system integration is fundamental. Thermokon offers wireless technology without batteries for Flexibly mounted, maintenance-free sensor solutions.

Products available from Thermokon are:

  • EasySens – Wireless Sensor System
  • EasySens – Room Sensors / Room Operating Panels
  • EasySens – Ceiling / Wall Motion Sensors
  • EasySens – Key Card Switch / Software for Visualisation
  • EasySens – Wireless Heating Valve Actuator / Heating Circuit Controller
  • EasySens – Universal Receiver
  • High-End Room Operating Panels / Room Sensors
  • Thanos – Touch Room Operating Panel
  • WRF06 CO2 – Flush-Mounting Room CO2 Sensor
  • New Devices with BACnet – and Modbus Interface
  • Sensors for HVAC
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Thermokon from Clarkson Controls



Innovative wireless solar technology enables the harvesting of ambient light sources for temperature and fan control in buildings. Time consuming installation such as wiring and cabling become unnecessary. Low material costs and time saving enable reasonable priced system solutions. EasySens offers significantly more flexibility with regard to the sensor location. Thus, a variable room layout in modern buildings does not present any problems at all. Even in heritage protected buildings in which no architectural changes are allowed, the integration of sensors for the air-conditioning technology can be easily enabled. There are different devices for temperature monitoring, relative humidity, light, set point adjustment and status detection.
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