SMART Building Management Systems

…keeping it simple.

Take control of your buildings energy usage reducing your buildings operating costs



Clarkson Controls have been involved from the infancy of Building Management Energy Control Systems (BEMCS) having been incorporated in 1993, in fact our MD has been involved in control systems since 74BC (that’s 1974 before computers) and well before the term Smart was used – in fact all control systems from whatever era were ‘Smart’ for their day.

Technology in recent years has advanced at an exponential rate and so has our building controls capability. Advances in communications with the world wide web has changed everything and ‘open communications’ such as BACnet and EnOcean protocols has meant managing and controlling a buildings energy usage and operating costs are now so much easier and efficient.

Offering a single platform to control and integrate a building management system over an IP network, Smart BMS allows a building to function efficiently in a digitally connected world reducing building operating costs, controlling energy and making the workspace more enjoyable and pleasant for its occupants. From offices, to hospitals, retail spaces to industrial buildings SMART energy management is the future.

Our policy at Clarkson Controls is the ‘KIS’ principle – Keep it simple, there is no use designing a building control system if the clients user’s cannot understand the screen graphics. We can design the control algorithms to be as complicated as anyone else – but the user interface must be understandable by all.

This concept is used throughout Clarkson Controls whether it be a fully all singing and dancing BEMCS or a simple room control unit.

However we must not forget to apply our basic knowledge, after all a sensor badly located or a valve installed incorrectly will totally negate the most complex Smart system and/or baffle the most ardent keyboard warrior (who believes all he/she sees on a laptop).

C Squared

For our OEM and control Partners we offer the same principle, offering our C Squared Natural Ventilation products and systems, which are ‘designed by our Control Engineers for Control Engineers‘, we understand what is required and how to achieve this in the most simple, straight forward way while achieving the ultimate result of energy efficiency, orchestrated building controls and lower capital installation costs.

The days are long gone when we had dedicated controllers with no communications capability – but the basics remain the same.

SMART buildings are not as complicated as they sound we make them simple to install and understand. For more information call us on 01562 730 874. or email: