i-Con BACnet with Q-link

One over the 32? Do the maths.

Our NEW Q-Link BACnet system offers a potential maximum of 512 addresses into a 4NC controller, as each of our unique BACnet controllers can accept 16 Q-Link room controllers.

Besides hardware savings the Q-Link room controllers are easy to install. By networking the i-con BACnet system controllers out in the building it’s ideal to control MVHRU and natural ventilation in each room.

Q-Link Room controller for MVHRU

Clarkson Control i-Con System-Controller Sensor Q-Link WHITE

  • Traffic-light indicator lights with override buttons for instant control
  • Up to 16 Q-Link room controllers per i-Con System Controller
  • Easier installation – less wiring – easy 2 core cable connection – polarity free

Q-Link Natural Vent Room Controller

i-Con System Controller Sensors

  • Freely programmable I/O (12×0/10v, 8x U/I, 9 Binary out)
  • Fully proven system, case studies available
  • FREE training for installation and commissioning

i-Con BACnet System Controller

Up to 32 i-Con system controllers can link back to the 4NC each can serve up to 16 Q-Link room controllers and also has on-board I/O points

More information and data sheets available on request. Call us on +44 (0)1562 730 874.