Raising Standards for natural ventilation

We are all looking to reduce our energy bills, but we must also look at the more important aspect of maintaining a safe working environment whether it be at school, college, office or factory – after all there are many types of viruses around that can be passed on in unventilated areas.

By using natural ventilation with a tried and tested control system you can have the best of both worlds. Natural ventilation louvres only use a nominal amount of power and by sensing the CO2 levels and having the ability to know the levels and having local override ability is the best of both worlds.

Clarkson Controls can easily help you comply when you specify our NatVent control products on your next project. The UK designed range with CO₂ traffic light indicators, plus simple override buttons for Open/Close includes Auto revert after a pre-set time. 

The room units are designed to be easy to install, quick and easy to set up and are suitable for all types of commercial buildings.

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