A new addition to our CO2 range of Natural Ventilation Controls

Ideal for educational and commercial premises

Easy to understand Traffic Lights for CO2 levels

Your eye on room environmental conditions.

Desk or wall mountable

Works from readily available 5v USB power supply

High Quality CO2 Cell
Healthy levels of CO2 are considered to be below 1000ppm, yet levels in an unventilated classroom can reach beyond 2000ppm.
Studies have found that increasing CO2 levels by 400ppm above the background level of 420ppm resulted in a 21% decrease in cognitive function and considerable discomfort. We can help monitor this
  • When connected to a computer USB socket, you can view Temperature, Humidity and CO2 levels via our downloadable dashboard
  • Data/Logs available via CSV Files for compliance records
  • Future connection to a BMS system via a C2 interface unit
  • Future connections to a  C2 HRU Controller
  • Uses our 20 years’ experience of Natural Ventilation controls expertise facilisis