Clarkson Controls celebrate 25 years with a New Corporate Identity

Clarkson Controls - HVAC control systems

Clarkson Controls are celebrating 25 years of trading in HVAC control systems this year and to mark the milestone we’ve decided to update our Corporate Identity. We’ve adopted this new logo to reflect the nature of our industry. All of our controls are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce the amount of energy used in modern buildings, from schools, to offices and hospitals.

Clarkson ControlOur Building Management Systems are designed to automatically or manually manage a rooms temperature, from heating to cooling with vent controls and state-of-the-art CO2 Sensors that ensure levels meet required guidelines avoiding “sick building syndrome” (SBS).  A circular movement from green, to cool, to good air to warmth… as graphically shown in our new logo. 

We are proud of the fact that we design and manufacture our controls here in the UK, in leafy Worcestershire. Our industry is always changing and developing, meeting new guidelines, and trying to achieve better and greater efficiency. At Clarkson Controls we continually strive for quality and innovation, from design right through to manufacture and fitting, in fact we’re are proud to use the line: ‘designed by Control Engineers for Control Engineers‘  our history and experience mean we understand the technical requirements along with simplifying the installation process as shown with our i-Con Room Sensors

We’re always looking for good, self motivated controls engineers to join our experienced team, so if you’re interested get in touch. Attitude is more important than experience…