New CO2 BACnet Sensor


Introducing the ICâ„¢ range of intelligent hybrid sensors/controllers.
We have developed a range of intelligent temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors which communicate using the open source BACnet protocol.
Sensors also have 2-0/10v analogue outputs (10mA) which by using your favourite BACnet master controller you can write your own software logic to suit the application, using the items selected from the BACnet object list. (all obtainable from us)
Unique design of pre-wireable base and plug-on fascia plate assists in easy installation.
Wiring costs reduced by having the intelligent sensor with outputs within the controlled space. Savings of at least 20% of installation cost on a typical 10 zone scheme against hard wiring with conventional sensors.
Eminently suitable for natural ventilation, fan coil, zone control applications
More info Malcolm Anson 01562 730 874