New Sensor Enclosure

Introducing the latest concept in intelligent sensor technology – the IC™ box from C Squared. We have seen the light and designed a sensor enclosure to meet the latest needs for intelligent sensors.

The base unit:

  • robust base plate designed to prevent warping due to over-tightening fixing pins
  • designed to be fitted and wired prior to decoration
  • fixing holes to suit uk and continental socket and conduit box combinations
  • clip in terminals – base populated as required
  • terminal numbers pre-printed onto box base
  • ventilation slots placed to give chimney effect air flow over sensing elements
  • made from recycled white ABS material

The front unit:

  • coloured LED indicators to suit operation
  • tactile embossed push buttons
  • clear labelling to LEDs / push buttons
  • printed circuit board mounts within front plate
  • PCB plugs into base unit
  • ventilation slots enhance base ventilation
  • clip on to base with screw fixing for added security
  • overall maximum dimensions 90x110x36mm

The front membrane:

  • Anti-microbial™ finish to membranes with push button

The brains within the box!

  • sensors available with BACnet communications option or conventional 0/10v o/p
  • digital/analogue outputs available (dependent upon sensor type)
  • surface mount technology
  • double sided space saving PCB – components on each side of board
  • CO2 sensor cell, infra red dispersive with latest self – calibrating technology

more info. Malcolm Anson 01562 730 874