Installation of BACnet devices at Chaddesley Corbett Primary School


The new Chaddesley Corbett Primary School, near Kidderminster officially opened in July 2013.
Clarkson Controls are proud to have been involved in the installation of the building management system whereby the school benefits from the use of our BACnet room control units which sense Temperature and CO₂ levels within each classroom.

Clarkson Controls BACnet control units operate the room’s high level windows and low level louvres automatically with heating coils.

As the boiler house is remote to the school a BACnet alarm unit provides an audible and visual indication within the school secretary’s office to show everything is operating as it should, also on the same network the site services manager has the use of three zone extension timers for use outside of the school core hours ensuring total flexibility and opportunity to make minor off-site adjustments.

The whole of the system is connected to the main control panel which uses Centraline Hawk products. If you have a similar project or would like more detail regarding this installation please contact
Jeff Jones, Sales Manager on 01562 730 874.