Harbour Innovation Centre

Harbour Innovation Centre

Large two storey serviced office building with 39 office spaces. There is a central plantroom to provide heating and hot water to each tenant zone.
Natural ventilation is provided in each zone to maintain air quality and provide cooling when necessary. (Windows and Ventilation Towers).

Site: Harbour Innovation Centre
Location: Eastbourne, Sussex
Sector: Commercial Office Development
Project: Pacific House
Main Contractor: Buckingham
M&E Consultants: Method Consulting LLP
Mechanical Contractor: React Cooling
BMS Platform: Elesta

Specific Challenges

  • Each office zone has individual time schedules, temperature and CO₂ set points (let or unlet).
  • Each office floor has the ability to be viewed via an LCD screen for viewing status/setpoints etc
  • All local electrical distribution boards are monitored using Modbus protocol
  • Weather stations are used to influence control of natural ventilation
  • Night purge facility
  • Heating/cooling interlock on each floor to save energy
  • Feedback of office conditions to provide heating control/interlocks


Clarkson Controls designed, supplied and commissioned the BMS for React Cooling. This took advantage of Clarkson’s natural ventilation control experience coupled with the use of Elesta RCO 900 controllers with native open protocols.

Additional benefits and features were:

  • Use of C² Sensio Room Units providing distributed control.
  • BACnet open protocol software
  • Web browser as a standard feature of Elesta RCO used for remote access for building owners to adjust building operating parameters and view all areas/meter readings.