Whitelands Academy School

The location of the school is in a new housing estate within a mile of the well renowned Bicester Village, allowing a new age of studious academics to develop in the state-of-the-art classrooms and other facilities which are to be used to enable the growth and prosperity of the youths attending such a school.

The main plantroom can be found in the upper levels of the school, allowing for easy access to the air plant on the roof that is controlled by the various control devices in the field for the most accurate control of the building. Along with the 40 natural ventilation systems, this enables the school to be kept at the perfect conditions for teaching and learning.

Over 100 plant items and devices as well as all metering were integrated using MODbus to allow for easiest accessibility over the network. Three separate MODbus LANs were installed making use of Inon outstations to provide additional data gathering with the MODbus integration capability provided by the tridium JASE device.

The Trend IQView4 is the perfect tool for any unbeknownst site manager/ caretaker to enable them to be able to accurately manage and maintain the systems within the school from the front of the main panel or even better yet, from their own office via the web browsing functionality enabled through the IQ4 system to allow for easy monitoring. The controls browser displays a list of sensors, digital inputs, critical alarms, knobs, switches, time zones, drivers, and loop modules. Although all these are not necessary, the functionality of having them be able to be accessed just from the web browsing interface shall allow for a more easy and efficient monitoring of the site.