Waterside Offices, Cardiff

The location of the offices is right on the south side of Cardiff, in the newly established, up and coming Cardiff Bay area just outside of the city centre. With the site consisting of 7 buildings all with rooftop plantrooms, the controls were refurbished, as well as Fan Coil Unit (FCU) controls refurbishment, to allow for a new era of comfort and quality control withing the buildings making the spaces/offices as comfortable as possible for improved efficacy and production output.

The work was carried out during a 3-month period, without disruption, while the building was still in use and the existing plant and control panels were retained for the whole time during the project. During this time all work was completed successfully and to the correct standards required by the relevant parties showing just how dedicated and head strong everyone was during the time of this project.

A total of 330 FCU’s over 6 floors were upgraded using Distech controls to allow for web browser interfacing and even more importantly, the ability to adjust set points and time schedules using their smart phones via said web browser interfacing. As well as having touch screen graphical interfaces in each building which grants the ability to control each floor thanks to the BACnet system linking each floor through the local riser in the building to the roof plantroom touch screen display.