Kings School – Worcester


State-of-the-art multipurpose building consisting of a gym, sports hall, dance studio, and drama area. There are numerous classrooms situated around the building, and a common area for sixth form.

A biomass boiler is utilised for heating and hot water services, and has been designed to heat surrounding buildings within the school’s vicinity. The heating system comprises of weather compensated variable temperature circuits, which are distributed throughout the zones via radiators, under floor heating manifolds, and convection fans.

Natural ventilation systems located in the gym and classrooms control the quality of air, via temperature and CO₂ sensors, which, in turn modulate louvered windows and allow fresh air to be introduced to the specific areas, whilst maintaining comfort conditions.

Air handling units serving the changing rooms, drama, and gym are controlled from the BMS to assist the heating / NV strategy, which is all viewable and adjustable from the front end computer located in the facilities office.
The underground car park is monitored for carbon monoxide (CO) with inverter speed control of the extract fans.

Specific Challenges

  • Heating strategy that incorporates heating other buildings through valve and pump controls
  • Merging heating and zone ventilation strategies to avoid wasting energy
  • Installation of controls, plant, equipment, with particular emphasis on cable access and concealment
  • Testing and commissioning plant and strategy, with regards to heating stages and demand
  • Incorporating multiple controls platforms and networks, to obtain building monitoring/control
  • Control of roof light blinds to reduce the effect of solar gain on the building


Clarkson Controls utilised Elesta and Trend systems to maximize the communications and controls capability of the building management system. Ethernet, BACnet Modbus and Z Wave protocols all have specific advantages for various aspects of building controls, all of which have served a purpose on this project. A Modbus weather station sends outside weather conditions back to the Elesta controllers, which also regulate the natural vent via BACnet networks, monitoring and recording temperature, CO2, and in some areas, humidity.

All the data recorded by the Elesta controls, is exported to the Trend Controller through BACnet IP. The data is processed by the strategy in the Trend controller and the outputs are broadcast across the networks to the relevant plant through the same methods as mentioned above. All of which can be viewed/adjusted from the front end computer via Ethernet which has been provided by King’s IT network. Communications protocol for Natural Ventilation control and also interfaces to the Dantherm AHU package. After consideration and as the Elesta RCO 900 controllers have OSP readily available a decision was made to use the Elesta Controls platform.

The main benefits for the site being:
Centralised graphical control of system allows for easier viewing and understanding of the building

Renewable energy resources to heat multiple buildings, and reduce the use of conventional boilers
Natural ventilation system maintains air quality without compromising room comfort
Optimised heating control allows the system to calculate its own heating times to ensure the building is at the desired setpoint for occupancy, however, maximising energy efficiency
Energy consumption via electric, water, and heat meters, can be monitored and processed to produce energy saving strategies for the long term plan of the building.